AQUARK is an aquaculture innovation amplifier
and technology transfer firm.

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AQUARK is an aquaculture innovation amplifier and technology transfer firm. Our mission is to research, innovate, consult, advocate, network, communicate, train, forecast, conserve and inspire in the field of aquaculture, as well as the protection and sustainability of global aquatic resources.

Applied Research

We participate in research projects focused on the translation of research results and seamless fast knowledge transfer for aquaculture development.


We innovate through participation in spin off projects with academic and research institutes and market development for novel technologies and products.


We consult and provide expert advise to the industry, international (EC, FAO, IUCN, EFSA, FEAP, EATiP) and national organisations (FGM).


We act as critical advocates of responsible aquaculture promotion of alternative energy sources, biodiversity and sustainability of rural coastal communities.


We are a meeting point of aquaculture expertise through international meeting organisation and participation and through direct collaboration with a wide network of experts.


We communicate the importance of cultured sea food (omega 3 fatty acids) as part of a healthy diet certification of aquaculture production (EFSA health claim for cultured sea bass and sea bream)


We act as a training platform for professionals, public and children (e.g Vocational Aqualabs/Intranemma


We forecast the sector future needs through data analysis and new tools development.


We aim to conserve aquatic resources facilitating protection of the seas against pollution, marine mammals and marine habitats.


We aim to inspire young students and professionals of various disciplines to study and work in the dynamic and sustainable aquaculture sector.


Together We invent
the future of aquaculture

We serve the industry through the development and introduction of novel solutions, technologies and services. We monitor the industry needs, we identify the top researchers in the field, we draw and manage a robust plan together as a team, we fast track the development phase, we lab and field test the solutions and deliver in the market the final product and services.